Makerspaces for Library and Media Centers

What can a MakerSpace do?

A MakerSpace is a place where ingenuity and creativity can be put to advanced skills.  A MakerSpace can teach students STEM related topics and give in-depth insight into problem solving, design, and creative thinking.  The projects done in a MakerSpace require multiple machines for specific purposes.  Using a variety of approaches, the right tool can be used to solve a specific problem.  This type of learning creates an atmosphere of inventive ideas, technology based learning, encouragement, and fun.  The hands-on nature of the lab itself adds to classroom learning.  Skills can be practically put to use - teaching about materials science and how technology can achieve objectives.

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While the projects done in the MakerSpace cover a variety of topics, they also foster a sense of invention and ingenuity.  When combined with a healthy curiosity for technology, STEM based learning programs grow.  This creates a broad understanding of technology among students, generating collaboration and interest.  Adding a MakerSpace will teach job and life skills that can encourage students to start thinking about jobs, entrepreneurial ambitions, or higher education.

Allegheny Educational Systems Maker Space Sample Layout

Download our Library / Media Center MakerSpace Planning Guide (PEPPM)

Download our Library / Media Center MakerSpace Planning Guide (New York State Contract)